Wilson E-Hut
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Dan and Colin Wilson E-Hut Designs


bulletDan Wilson E-Hut, front and side plans
bulletDan Wilson E-Hut, plywood cutout pattern
bulletDan Wilson E-Hut, door details
bulletDan Wilson E-Hut, side view, purlin detail


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   Dan and Lorna Wilson

   Colin and Carla Wilson

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Wilson Hut Design 3 color.jpg (221460 bytes) Wilson Hut Design 2 color.jpg (204124 bytes)
At the Sept. 1 field day, Dan showed their latest design.  Note vent position of top. When the temperature changes, the back hatch needs moving.  But that's one heavy piece of plywood!
Wilson Hut Design 1 color.jpg (223932 bytes)
These huts can be used outdoors in summer and inside a barn or hoophouse for winter farrowing.