E-HUT Farrowing
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‘E-HUT’ Farrowing Plans and Pix

This page of graphics is an adjunct to the farrowing-in-huts discussion in Over the Back Fence.  Here's how this discussion got started.  Tom Frantzen, a farmer in northeast Iowa bought a computer and emailed some of his friends and associates:

Hi Everyone;
10 years ago I cut up my farrowing crates and decided to return to a traditional farrowing practice. I have always pasture farrowed in different versions of wood and steel huts. I replaced the crates with a gated pen settup. After building hoop buildings in 1997 I became interested in farrowing in hoops. I built a modified version of the "Henry County Illinois" in 1998. I farrowed in these huts in hoops, on pasture and in heated buildings since then. This November I designed a different version of wood farrowing hut. This model was placed into immediate service in a heated building. At present I am very pleased with this design.
I would like to create an informal group of like minded hog farmers who want to pursue traditional farrowing practices. I am sending this message to the people that I think may have such interest. If you want to be on this list let me know. If you have no interest in being involved say so. I would like to call the group E-HUT.
I have rough diagrams of the latest hut design that I can fax to you. In a few weeks I will have a scanner and then pictures of huts can be sent by computer. Let me know your thoughts. Tom Frantzen.

bulletFrantzen plans for farrowing hut lid
bulletFrantzen plans for frame of farrowing hut
bulletPhoto of Frantzen hut framework
bulletPlywood cut pattern for Frantzen hut
bulletPhoto of Frantzen farrowing hut from above
bulletPhoto of Frantzen hut showing rear door
bulletE-Hut photos from Mike Natvig field day
bulletDan and Colin Wilson E-Hut photos and plans
bulletFrantzen modifications, December, 2000